Check Out Three Spooky New Clips From Andy Muschietti’s IT

The wait is almost over!

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Maybe you're the type of viewer that wants to wander into a movie knowing as little as possible. Maybe you don't watch trailers, or TV spots, or follow along with each new clip that gets released in the lead-up to a film's arrival in theaters. Me, I tend to watch everything, and I sure as hell watch everything from Andy Muschietti's It.

If you're on that same page, we've got three brand-new clips from It for you today, and they're real good. Let's go through 'em, one at a time. First up, a moment that will be very familiar to It fans (or anyone who caught the four-minute clip that screened before Annabelle: Creation when it opened a few weeks ago).

That's the doomed Georgie Denbrough encountering Pennywise for the first (and, er, last) time. Check out that effect they're using on Pennywise's eyes in this scene: as the conversation unfolds, one eye seems to float off to one side. It's almost like Pennywise loses his grip on the clown "form" as he gets closer and closer to...y'know, feeding. I love that!

UPDATE: Turns out that's not an effect at all. Says Skarsgård:

“I have a bit of a lazy eye on my left side, so if I relax the muscle in the eye, my left eye goes out and I become completely wall-eyed. We thought that would be cool to use in the character, so throughout the film his eyes are pointing in two different directions."

Thanks to the comments section below for pointing this out to us! Moving along... 

Next up: Mike letting the rest of the Losers' Club in on what may or may not be happening in Derry. All of them have seen something, but Richie - who's particularly afraid of clowns - is probably going to end up having the hardest time with all this.

And, finally, we have this scene, which we actually already saw most of in a previously-released trailer. Here the Losers' Club (pre-Ben, Bev and Mike) stumble across a most disturbing clue in the Derry sewers, and have to decide where to go from here.

Look, all of this stuff is working for me, and if the early buzz in any indication, we are in for one helluva treat when It lands in theaters a few weeks from now. As of this writing, where are y'all at? Hyped? Skeptical? Just ready to put The Dark Tower behind you and move on? Sound off in the comments below.

And, once again, make sure you've picked up your tickets here to see It when it opens at the Drafthouse on Sept. 7th.