The Alamo Drafthouse Announces Even More IT “Clown Party” Screenings

Dat Boi Pennywise is going nationwide, baby!

Last week, the Alamo Drafthouse announced a very special screening of Andy Muschietti's It. A "Clown Party" screening, to be specific, one where everyone in attendance would be encouraged to dress as a clown, have their faces painted by on-site artists, and win fabulous prizes before having the wits scared out of them by Warner Bros.' forthcoming Stephen King adaptation. As you can imagine, news of that screening spread quickly, and it wasn't long before two more "Clown Party" screenings were announced for the Austin market.

Well, guess what? Now there's yet another round of It "Clown Party" screenings, and they're hitting all over the country. People as far away as Chandler, AZ and Yonkers, NY will have the chance to float along with Pennywise and the Losers' Club!

Here's a complete list of participating Alamo Drafthouse locations. Click on the showtimes for ticketing info:


Dallas (Cedars) - 9th- 8:30

New Braunfels - 7th-9th - Various

Brooklyn - 9th - 7:00

Laredo - 7th-9th - Various

Omaha - 8th - 7:15

Phoenix (Chandler) - 8:00 

San Antonio - 7th-9th - Various 

Yonkers - 12th - 9:15


Do you live near one of these Alamo Drafthouse locations? Do you own and/or rent a clown costume? Are you a huge Stephen King fan? If you answered yes to any of these questions, these are the It screenings you'll want to attend, and we can't wait to see you out there! 

Andy Muschietti's It hits theaters on September 7th. "Clown Party" screenings at the Drafthouse begin on the 7th (San Antonio, Laredo and New Braunfels) and go as late as the 12th (in Yonkers). You gonna come float with us or what?