Trailer for Netflix’s WORMWOOD Teases the Untold Story of the CIA

In which Errol Morris delivers multiple hours exploring governmental LSD experimentation.

Errol Morris is having a pretty solid 2017. The B-Side: Elsa Dorfman’s Portrait Photography is a tiny gem of a motion picture, intimate and loving in a way many of the documentarians best are. Next up is what’s being described as a “hybrid miniseries” for Netflix titled Wormwood – which combines dramatic recreations and Morris’ trademark interrogations into a multi-episodic exploration of the CIA during its earliest days.

Starring Peter Sarsgaard and Tim Blake Nelson, Wormwood explores the furtive demise of Cold War-era military scientist Frank Olson, and his son’s tireless efforts to uncover the truth behind his death. In 1953, Olson was recruited to be part of a secret biological warfare program cryptically referred to as Project MKUltra, one of the CIA’s most notorious R&D labs. Check out the trailer:

For Stephen King fans, MKUltra will sound eerily familiar, as they were the LSD mind control experiments that much of his nefarious Shop fictionalizations were based upon (Firestarter being the most obvious reference). The fact that a non-fiction filmmaker of Morris’ caliber is going to be spending multiple hours exploring its confirmed existence is mind-blowing, and we can’t wait to check it out.

Wormwood hits Netflix December 15, and should make for a really solid run of holiday binge-viewing.