Andy Muschietti Brings His Georgie Along For LOCKE AND KEY

The IT director is keeping at least part of his Dat Boi band together for the upcoming Hulu pilot.

By all reports, Andy Muschietti’s incoming adaptation of Stephen King’s IT is tracking to be a monster horror hit ($70 million opening weekend, last this writer checked). So, it makes sense that Muschietti might want to keep at least part of that band together as he moves on to other projects.

One of these undertakings is Hulu's Carlton Cuse (Bates Motel, Lost) take on Joe Hill's IDW comic, Locke and Key, which Muschietti is directing the pilot for. Now coming along with him for the haunted house spook show is Jackson Robert Scott, who plays ill-fated Georgie Denbrough in the aforementioned biopic of Dat Boi Pennywise.

Locke and Key is a horror series that revolves around three siblings who, following the brutal murder of their dad, relocate to their family home in Maine and discover a magical set of keys, which bestow them multiple powers. Unfortunately, a nefarious demon also wants possession of the keys, and shit (as it tends to do with demons) gets wild.

Scott will play Bode Locke, the youngest brother, who has a supernatural sense of what evil lurks inside the family’s new domain. Since it seems like Muschietti may have knocked IT out of the park, it’ll be fun to see what he does with Creepy Uncle Steve’s son’s work as well.