Awesome News: Terry O’Quinn Is Headed To CASTLE ROCK

More like CASTLE LOCKE, amirite?

Things are really coming together for Hulu's Castle Rock series: after announcing itself with a mindblowing trailer, landing a 10-episode order from Hulu, and hiring up cast members like Sissy Spacek, Andre Holland, and noted badass Scott Glenn, the show just scored yet another coup by hiring up LOST's Terry O'Quinn.

Here's the news, via Deadline:

"Lost alum Terry O’Quinn is reuniting with the hit ABC series’ co-creator/executive producer J.J. Abrams on another genre drama...O’Quinn will play Dale Lacy, a pillar of the community in the town of Castle Rock."

So, not a previously-established Stephen King character, but Deadline says it's a "key role". Whoever (or whatever) this Dale Lacy ends up being, we can probably rest assured that O'Quinn will knock the role out of the park (source: a recent LOST rewatch reconfirmed for me that Terry O'Quinn is the actual best).

Castle Rock will arrive sometime next year. Y'all as hyped about it as we are?