Check Out Misty Knight’s Bionic Arm In LUKE CAGE Season 2 Pics

Simone Missick gets a new toy.

Minor spoilers for The Defenders. 

Misty Knight and Colleen Wing a.k.a. The Daughters of the Dragon were some of the more interesting things in Marvel's The Defenders. If you made it through that show, you'll now what's in store for the Misty. She'll return alongside Luke Cage in his solo series next year, and after losing her arm by bringing a gun to a sword fight (The Hand is really good with swords, if nothing else), it seems she'll be getting her inevitable comicbook upgrade. Kind of:

Via Entertainment Weekly:

Marvel, as usual, is keeping details of how and when Misty gets her bionic arm under wraps.

I assumed Danny Rand would have something to do with this since he owns hospitals now, but maybe not. It's nice that it looks like a real prosthetic limb, though I wonder if it's a prototype on the way to something more fantastical. She is, after all, standing next to a bulletproof man in a city being held up by dragon skeletons that make you immortal if you grind them into elixir. I wish these shows were as weird as they sound on paper.

Luke Cage season 2 arrives in 2018.