Here’s A Somewhat Downsized Teaser Trailer For Alexander Payne’s DOWNSIZING

In which Matt Damon and company get small.

Alexander Payne's Downsizing just premiered at the Venice Film Festival, and already critics are calling it a "masterpiece", "spectacular" and "exhilaratingly odd". Given Payne's filmography and the universal acclaim this one's already racking up, it doesn't seem insane to think that Downsizing will probably have little trouble elbowing its way into next year's Oscar race.

We won't get to see Payne's film until December, and a proper trailer won't arrive until September 12th, but for now we do have a very brief teaser, which...well, which actually doesn't tell you much about the film at all, but looks very pretty.

Take a look.

See? Very pretty. And also, very lacking in terms of story details. Here's what Downsizing is about:

"A man and his wife join a community of miniaturized people after undergoing a process to shrink themselves."

Yes, Alexander Payne's latest film is a sci-fi comedy of sorts, one that takes place in a world where human miniaturization has been invented. In Payne's film, Matt Damon and Kristen Wiig play a couple who undergo the process in order to start a new life in a miniaturized community (the draw, of course, being that whatever money one has in one's bank account will stretch a lot further in a "downsized" world, not to mention the environmental benefits that come with alleviating overpopulation). 

It's a fun set-up for a movie and the reviews have us very curious to see what Payne's done with the concept. Stay tuned for more on Downsizing as it becomes available.