Houston! Join Us For A 35mm Stephen King Double Feature At The Alamo

You deserve it.

Houston's been through a hell of a week, there's no denying it. But I just got some good news that I'm very pleased to share: the Houston Alamo Drafthouse will be open by Friday night, which means if you're feeling stir crazy and have the opportunity to get out, you can join Robert Saucedo and me for a Stephen King double feature! 

Friday at 8pm at Mason Park, we're showing Maximum Overdrive and The Mist back-to-back on 35mm! Stoke your anticipation for IT (so soon, my lovelies) with two Stephen King movies, one of which was actually directed by King. Maximum Overdrive is a goofy movie, to be sure, but it's a blast to watch with a crowd on the big screen, and The Mist is straight-up great, my very favorite Stephen King adaptation

So join us! And as a bonus, to reward you for surviving Harvey, I'd like to buy you a beer. I'll be in the Mason Park lobby at 7pm - come up, introduce yourself as a BMD reader and have a cold one on me. You've earned it - and if you're into hugs, let me give you one of those, too. Houston strong. 

Buy your tickets HERE, and a friendly reminder that our extremely great Stephen King magazine is currently on sale