The Next BMD Event: A Lovely Soiree At The BOTTLE ROCKET Motel

Heads up, Wes Anderson fans.

Today, we're excited to announce the next Birth.Movies.Death. event, and doubly excited to reveal that this one center's around Wes Anderson's cult classic, Bottle Rocket.

This screening - which will be held September 30th at the actual Hillsboro Days Inn motel where Wes Anderson shot his film all the way back in 1996 - isn't just a screening, though. We've got all manner of fun things planned for those in attendance, including a guided tour of select Bottle Rocket locations, a pool party, and...well, I'll let our official event page explain this part to you:

"The most magical part of the evening starts to come on after the screening, when we've been transported to another world and we're ready for more, when we all go back to our rooms, put on the finishing touches of some decorations, and open the doors to several differently themed party rooms celebrating the complete Wes Anderson catalog.

These rooms are all created by you, the fans, and the fans have made it a habit of going all out to really entertain themselves, and each other. As a result, the Lovely Soiree is more than just a screening of a beloved film at an iconic location - it's a gathering of a community, and it's continuing the tradition started in the movie of meeting new people and making incredible new friends."

How awesome is that?! We're super excited to for this event to roll around and think you will be, too, so head on over to this page to secure your tickets and get more details about all the cool stuff we have planned for attendees. If you'd like to book a room at the Days Inn for the night of the screening, you can call them directly at 254-582-3493. 

See you folks on the 30th! Get your tickets here!