Things Get Bloody In This Red Band BLADE OF THE IMMORTAL Trailer

Hands getting chopped off, left and right!

Not every Takashi Miike movie is good. That’s okay because the guy makes like 10 movies a year. Some are quite bad. But man, when he makes a good one, it is usually GREAT. 13 Assassins, Sukiyaki Western Django, Zebraman... I consider these movies classics, and that doesn't even get into his crazy earlier work.

Blade of the Immortal looks like it could be one of these higher-level Miike films. Check out this bloody Red Band trailer:

I’m all in for that. Andrew had positive things to say about the film in his NZIFF review, but I’ll find out for myself soon enough as the film is playing this year’s Fantastic Fest. Based on this trailer, it looks like Miike has made the Samurai bloodbath of my dreams.