Amazon Acquires James Gunn’s STARSKY & HUTCH Sequel

The Gunns are gonna do it. Do it. Do it. Do it. Do it.

Amazon is continuing their hot streak, as they attempt to compete with Netflix’s zeitgeist-grabbing collection of original programming. Their initial content coup was Matthew Weiner’s eight episode global drama The Romanoffs, which reunites the Mad Men creator with several of the actors and BTS minds who made that show so special.

Well, it seems Amazon is looking for a little buddy cop familiarity to go along with that enigmatic project, as they’ve made a script-to-series deal with James Gunn (who will develop with his brother Brian and cousin Mark, who’re actually penning the script) for a new Starsky & Hutch series. What that means is that if Amazon loves their writing, they’ll order a full season right out the gate, instead of testing a pilot for pick up.

Where it gets kind of confusing is the fact that the Gunns’ take won’t be a straight remake or reboot, but a direct continuation of the original 70s police series that “deconstructs the buddy cop genre”. So, I guess that would mark it as a metatextual sequel of sorts.

Starsky & Hutch isn’t a holy text – it began as a ’75 Movie of the Week before becoming a hit series, and then an ’04 Ben Stiller/Owen Wilson vehicle, for Christ’s Sake. But the revival does raise questions regarding the current trend of cop reduxs, what with Lethal Weapon on FOX and then Vin Diesel’s recently announced Miami Vice reboot. Obviously Amazon and the Gunns are banking on name recognition, but it’s kind of difficult to get excited for the cyclical “what’s old becomes new again” freight train to come back ‘round on the track.

Anyway, we’ll keep you updated as this new Starsky & Hutch develops.