Heads Up: Paul Bettany’s In The YOUNG HAN SOLO Movie Now

His character will be replacing the one played by Michael K. Williams.

Standby for a very important announcement from Ron Howard's Twitter feed...

If you're thinking, "So what? Paul Bettany showed up to the Young Han Solo set in Sting cosplay, why's that exciting?", well, there's more to this story. According to our friends over at Slashfilm:

"While (Ron Howard) doesn’t mention why Bettany is on the set, our sources have confirmed to us that he has joined the cast of the film, taking over the role initially played by Williams ... Bettany will be playing the exact same character (Michael K. Williams) Williams was set to play, with the same name and motivations. However, the character will now be a human instead of a motion-capture alien."

You'll recall that, until very recently, national treasure and all-around badass Michael K. Williams was in the Han Solo movie. That ended abruptly when scheduling conflicts prevented him from coming back to the set for reshoots, and now it appears that Paul Bettany has taken over the role (in a manner that will require far less CGI). 

Last we heard anything about Williams' character, he wasn't ruling out the possibility that he might return to the franchise at some point in the future in the same role, but if Slashfilm's correct on this one (and they're generally reliable), that seems extremely unlikely. 

What do you folks think? Into this swap? Not so much? Still kinda bummed Williams is out of the picture? Sound off in the comments below.

(Note: header photo via Ron Howard's Twitter feed)