THE CROW Reboot Is Now Sony’s Problem

Here we go again.

Hollywood's been trying to get a reboot of The Crow off the ground since time out of mind (one fun thing you can do is search "The Crow" on this site, and look back at all the articles we've written about this never-happening dead-end over the past six years). We've seen it go through multiple directors, multiple stars, and multiple iterations, but none of them have come close to crossing the starting line. 

And now it's got a new home:

"The long-in-the-works remake of the cult supernatural revenge action movie that starred Brandon Lee, titled The Crow Reborn, has landed at Sony Pictures, which has signed to distribute the feature project."

Yes, that's right: Sony, who recently did a tremendous job handling the release of another long-gestating project (The Dark Tower), has officially signed on to distribute the Crow remake, following a full decade of Relativity threatening to do it themselves.

Last we heard, Jason Momoa was onboard to headline the project with Corin Hardy (The Hallow) directing, but that was last August. For what it's worth, THR - who broke the news about The Crow heading to Sony - says Momoa and Hardy are expected to make the jump alongside the project "in the near term". 

Anyway, good luck to Sony on this one, and to everyone else involved. If you get this thing made, you will have succeeded where dozens of others have failed.