Warners Looking To Class Up New JOKER Movie With DiCaprio

In other news, I’d like to drum for REO Speedwagon.

Ah, Warner Bros. They have a stable of comic book characters at the ready which would make most studios blush. But they haven’t figured out quite how to capitalize on it. They sure are trying though. Trying anything and everything.

Today that comes in the form of a Hollywood Reporter piece about this new Todd Phillips/Martin Scorsese Joker movie (that sentence alone, man). The word is Warners wants this to be some prestige shit, so much so that they hope to woo Leonardo DiCaprio to play the Joker now that they have his main man Scorsese on hook.

This isn’t news, really, since DiCaprio hasn’t commented and is very very unlikely to get mixed up with all this nonsense. It’s just interesting that Warners' goals are so high for this. I’m not going to recap all the Joker craziness that’s gone down in the last week because there’s just too much of it, but Warners is definitely going for the all-out approach to its DC properties. What was once supposed to be a grand cinematic universe is now (if I understand correctly) going to be a universe AND a parallel stable of spin-offs, which means different actors can play the same roles.

With that in mind, the article goes on to say Jared Leto is pissed about all this multiple Joker stuff, possibly even crying. So if nothing else, this approach has already achieved some positive results.

We’ll do our best to keep up with all this as it develops. We might not be able to, though. Sometimes it’s just too much.