KONG: SKULL ISLAND’s Director Writes His Own “Honest Trailer”

Take that, CinemaSins.

We don't normally post these sorts of videos, but this one piqued our interest.

To get you up to speed: the film side of Twitter (some would even say Film Twitter™) decided to take a collective dump on CinemaSins and their "Everything Wrong With" videos a few weeks ago when they made one about Kong: Skull Island. While I'm in the firmly pro-Skull Island camp myself, the film isn't universally beloved by any stretch, though what got everyone talking was a handful of fiery tweets from director Jordan Vogt-Roberts about how much he disliked these specific YouTube dissectionists.

In any case, CinemaSins' fellow online movie-jokesters Screen Junkies (the folks behind the "Honest Trailers" series) came up once again as a positive example of the kind of comedic critique that isn't trying to position itself as being above art, and they've just released their own Kong: Skull Island video with a rather surprising guest: Jordan Vogt-Roberts himself.

Take a look:

That's... actually pretty neat? 

I don't begrudge anyone their entertainment, but my problem with the CinemaSins videos (other than their editing sound and footage to support points that otherwise wouldn't hold weight) is that they feel incredibly mean spirited. I also don't find them funny in the slightest, but at the end of the day humour is subjective.

Ardent defenders of CinemaSins will respond to criticims with everything from "it's just a joke" to "it's satire" without being able to explain any further, usually pointing to something called the SinsCast. I'm sure many of these folks mean well, but I don't think anyone who dislikes these videos is going to listen to an hour-long explanation that likely holds up as well as most of their nitpicking, which can usually be explained by actually paying attention to the movie. 

So, whose side did you take in the great CinemaSins war of 2017? Sound off with your thoughts on all this brouhaha below.