No, THIS Is What Leonardo DiCaprio Will Look Like In The JOKER Origin Movie

Do not be fooled by imitators.

Over the weekend, a notable piece of fan art began making the rounds.

Generated by digital artist @BossLogic (and apparently in association with, the image was presented as "What Leonardo DiCaprio might look like as The Joker".

Here it is, in case you missed it:

This is a very well-excuted "What if?", and both BossLogic and should feel proud for having brought it into the world. Unfortunately, we happen to know that the DiCaprio Joker as portrayed in the above image is wildly off the mark.

Having consulted with several Joker experts, a team of Hollywood insiders, seventeen makeup artists, and our own in-house Photoshop expert, Phil Nobile Jr., Birth.Movies.Death. can exclusively report that this is what Leonardo DiCaprio will actually look like as the Joker:

As you can see, if (excuse us, when) Leonardo DiCaprio signs on to play Batman's greatest nemesis, his look will hew closer to the classic, Cesar Romero-version of the character, the one we all recall so fondly from ABC's long-running Batman TV series (1966-1968). He's got the same suit, the same makeup, the same incorrigible personality, and - in a nod to Romero's refusal to shave his mustache for the role - it appears DiCaprio will also be playing the part with an unshaved underchin. 

Will DiCaprio sign on to play the Joker in Martin Scorsese and Todd Phillips' Joker origin movie? Oh, without question. Totally just a matter of time. And when he does, this is 100% what he's going to look like in the movie. Bet everything you own on that right now, and thank Phil later when that particular bet pays off.

Stay tuned for more on the Joker origin movie as it becomes available.