Trailer For Greta Gerwig’s LADY BIRD Is Hilariously Sweet

One of our favorite actresses steps behind the camera.

Greta Gerwig only has one co-directed feature to name thus far (‘08’s Nights and Weekends, which she helmed with Joe Swanberg). Almost ten years later, Gerwig’s returned to make her semi-autobiographical solo directorial debut, Lady Bird, which has been getting rave reviews out of Telluride.

Starring Saorise Ronan as the titular teen rebel, Lady Bird is a coming of age drama about a Catholic schoolgirl in Sacramento (who’s given herself the eponymous moniker) that just wants to escape her family (namely a mother played by Laurie Metcalf) and flee to college in New York. If the trailer is any indication, Gerwig has completely knocked this one out of the park, as it applies a sad and sweet tone to otherwise hilarious material.

Take a look:

A24 is releasing Lady Bird November 10. Here’s hoping it delivers on the promise of this excellent spot (and another role for Manchester by the Sea’s Lucas Hedges!).