Apple And Amazon Are After 007

The industry upstarts see the Bond franchise as the “killer app” that will change the game for them.

THR has the news that Apple and Amazon have entered the Bond 25 bidding fray, throwing elbows alongside the likes of Warner Brothers and Fox (and Annapurna) for the distribution rights to the 2019 film.

Who knows how any of it will land, but the interesting thing is that these new guys see Bond as the last untapped franchise, a la Star Wars and Marvel. Hard disagree, but these young bucks think having a property on this level will put them in the Hollywood arena in an unprecedented way, and they’re out here trying to blow up that 007 IP into a merchandising bonanza – spin-offs and cinematic universes and such. Fuck a bunch of that!

Why would they want to do this? Well, as THR outlines, and as we’ve mentioned here before, Bond distribution is kind of a raw deal:

The Bond movies, while hits, are minimal sources of profit for any studio that makes them, at least under the most recent terms. In an email leaked during the Sony hack, Andrew Gumpert, former head of Sony’s business affairs, predicted that if Spectre grossed $1.1 billion, with a budget of $250 million to $275 million, the studio would earn just $35 million. Sony presumably lost money on Spectre, which grossed $200 million-plus shy of that estimate. 

Oof. Brave new world, indeed.

Head to THR for the full details on this move.