Art Get Crazy In First Trailer For THE SQUARE

Ruben Östlund’s FORCE MAJEURE followup looks nuts.

I am a new convert to Ruben Östlund. For whatever reason, it took until about a week ago for me to finally watch his highly-regarded Force Majeure. That was stupid of me. I won’t make the same mistake with his follow up, the Palme d’Or winner The Square, which is playing Fantastic Fest this year and also just got a trailer:

That wacky art crowd. They definitely know how to party. We don’t get much sense of what the narrative of this film will be, more just an idea of the comic lunacy that will be involved.

In fact, that’s what surprises me most here: how funny this looked. Force Majeure was deeply funny, but I found most of the humor subtle and suggestive. This appears to be more in your face, something I am definitely looking forward to seeing more of in the actual film.

According to this trailer, The Square hits theaters October 27. Be there or be… I dunno, a triangle.