Kyle MacLachlan Watched The TWIN PEAKS Finale, Can’t Make Sense Of It Either, Fam

Dale Cooper's got nothing for that ass.

On his never-ending quest to solidify himself as the most likable human being to ever walk the planet, Kyle MacLachlan sat down with Variety and gave a post mortem interview regarding Twin Peaks: The Return. The bulk of the talk revolves around the actor’s joys, trials and tribulations bringing multiple characters to life. But when he started discussing the now infamous season finale, it became a “just like us” scenario:

Was Sunday night the first time you saw it?

Yeah, every episode I’ve watched as it’s aired. I didn’t see anything beforehand. Which I enjoy doing, I look forward to it. Though I’m kinda like, ah yeah, what does that mean? I got nothing. I have no answers.

Marry me, Kyle MacLachlan. But then the constant David Lynch collaborator elaborated a bit on their process together:

Did it surprise you, watching the finale?

You’re talking about the last sequence, right? I had a sense, filming that sequence. It’s always interesting to film with David, and then to watch it. Because his edits — he always changes things a little bit for the tempo, the rhythms he chooses to have. Although I will say that he shot very economically, very precisely. So oftentimes we would do a couple takes from a couple different angles and that was it. And he said that’s it, and we’d move on. He’s fully in control as a director, I think that’s absolutely in control. Precisely what he wanted. He’s pretty impressive.

I had a feeling that the final thing was going to be one of those, sort of, hair on the back-of-your-neck-goes-up moments, and people are going to like — if they’re in the middle of a bite of pie, the pie’s going to drop off the fork. It was just unexpected and what, and your mind sort of spins backwards, it was one of those kinds of moments. I felt like that was what was going to happen. And indeed, that was my experience. I was like whoa. Just like, whoa.

First off, why did none of us think to invite Kyle MacLachlan to our viewing parties? Imagine sitting with Dale Cooper and getting his theories on what just happened in real time. My mind is exploding right now.

No Twin Peaks interview (which you really should go read in full, as it’s a fun, quick piece) would be complete without a little cryptic weirdness, and MacLachlan (being Lynch’s crowned prince) does not disappoint. When asked for his take on what it all means, MacLachlan elaborated, leaving the chat on a perfect note:

Everything else will be what David decides it will be.

I’m gonna miss this fucking show so much.