New DADDY’S HOME 2 Trailer Is Filled With Hijinks, Tomfoolery And Shenanigans

May also include monkey business, horsing around and Mel Gibson playing one of the Three Wise Men.

Feels like it's been a while since we heard anything from Daddy's Home 2, but that changes today with the arrival of a brand-new trailer. It's basically hawking the same sort of sitcom-y hijinks we experienced with the last Daddy's Home 2 trailer, only this one has 100% more John Cena and a moment where Mel Gibson appears to be decked out in full Three Wise Men regalia. 

Here ya go.

Speaking both as a person who didn't care for The Other Guys and as a dude who wandered away from the TV to do laundry during the first Daddy's Home, I'm just not sold on Wahlberg and Ferrell as a dynamic comedy duo, and I'm not sure Daddy's Home 2 is going to be the film that changes my mind. I'm certain there's an audience for this kind of comedy out there, but - in between one thing and another - this one feels well outside my wheelhouse. 

How about you folks? Where do y'all stand on the Daddy's Home franchise (or, indeed, Wahlberg and Ferrell as a go-to comedy pairing), and how are you feeling about 2's prospects? Sound off in the comments below.