DEADPOOL Spinoff X-FORCE Lands Drew Goddard As Writer And Director

This is good, good news.

Last we heard from Drew Goddard, he had just gotten two great cast members for his next film Bad Times at the El Royale. That was good. We were all very excited for him because he is good at what he does and we wish him well.

We may have wished a bit more than normal. According to The Wrap, Goddard is now going to write and direct X-Force, which aside from just being an X movie, is also coming from the angle of being a Deadpool spinoff.

Other than featuring Deadpool, does this mean X-Force will also be rated R? It’s juvenile, I know, but I kind of hope so. My X-Force days are decades behind me, but back when I was into comics, it was one of my favorite books. I also really like Drew Goddard and am happy he finally gets to make a big comic book movie after his Sinister Six film fell through. So this is just a whole stew of good news. Not even regular stew, but that fucking tasty-looking Hateful Eight stew.