THE CURRENT WAR Trailer Asks: What If THE PRESTIGE Were Lame?

Science jerk vs science jerk, with maybe one more science jerk thrown in for flavor.

Once upon a time there was a film called The Prestige that was all about magic jerks who kick each other’s asses for years and thereby assure their mutual destruction. Also Nikola Tesla shows up. This trailer for The Current War is kind of like that but made for PBS or something:

I’m taking too many shots at this movie, so let it be known I think Michael Shannon looks awesome in this. And the cinematography actually looks somewhat interesting. I’m pretty much out of kindness after that though.

But I’m a weird guy! I’m sure some of you think this looks totally great, and I’m all for your right to share your opinions in the comments. Now would be the best time to start getting at it too, I reckon.

So long as the lights stay on, you can see The Current War on November 24.