Sorry, Folks - VEEP Is Coming To An End

Goodbye, Selina Meyer.

I’ve only recently gotten into the popular and beloved HBO political comedy Veep, and I’m way behind. But that doesn’t mean I’m happy to hear this news.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Veep will end its run next year with season seven. The good news - because we need to find a bright side here - is that both Julia Louis-Dreyfus and showrunner David Mandel claim they have a great idea for where to end Selina Meyer’s story. So at least it will go out with a bang. I don’t mean that literally.

If you haven’t been watching Veep, I highly recommend it if only to see Julia Louis-Dreyfus knock it out of the park episode after episode. It’s one of those comedy performances that really sets a standard.

So it will sad to see the show go, particularly as it provides a little balance to living with this current White House. We’ll miss you, Selina Meyer.