Brooklyn Has A New Defender

One that can get you drunk.

That new Justice League movie comes out in November and DC fans everywhere are losing their minds with excitement about all their favorite super heroes hanging out, swimming/jumping around having a good ol’ time being super friends and fighting alien warlords while a frightful Gary Clark Jr. cover of ‘Come Together’ plays.

I’ve got another super hero release I’m MUCH MORE stoked about: the new Brooklyn Defender! Brooklyn Brewery just unveiled the new 2017 Brooklyn Defender IPA, “a heroically hopped golden IPA.” Since the inception of the Brooklyn Defender series, the brewery has worked with different comic book artists to crown a new Defender each year as well as a different type of distinct IPA. With this 2017 iteration of the legacy, (the sixth!) the beer is morphing from last year’s juicy West Coast-style IPA into a new concoction with strong notes of tropical fruit and well-muscled hop bitterness from a blend of Amarillo, Simcoe, Cascade and Centennial hops coming in at 5.9% abv. Heroes get reboots all the time - why not beers?!

The new beer style along with the new Jack Kirby-esque take on Duffman makes for beer I can really get behind! As for the vision behind the Defender character this year, the artist structure was a little bit different than in the past. With this new beer, Brooklyn is unveiling the first in an overall packaging refresh from Doyle Partners. I am excited to see what’s next visually from the brewery in subsequent releases… Brooklyn has always been one of the brands out there that delivers on the beer itself but also on the creativity.  Too many breweries get bogged down on one or the other. Getting that balance is too nuanced a technique to put into words, but when it works, it works.

The same logic goes for comic books, so it makes perfect sense that the brew will once again be the official beer of New York Comic Con. There, it’ll surely be consumed by plenty of Aquaman, Wonder Woman and Commissioner Gordon cosplayers. Nothing makes you more comfortable in constricting tights than a cold pint! (I’m told.)

If you’re in New York on September 14th, you should know that there is a big, FREE release party for the beer at the brewery’s Williamsburg taproom. RSVP HERE  and check out all the free stuff, raffles, pizza, cake and plenty of people walking around in capes!

The flavor punch-packing beer is making its way to shelves, taps and refrigerators this month. Watch out Duffman. Watch out Zack Synder. Brooklyn Defender is coming for ya.