DC’s TITANS Recruits Hawk & Dove

Robin gets some bird-themed buddies.

There have been several different Hawks and Doves over the years, starting with brothers Hank and Don Hall in 1968. Don was replaced by a woman named Dawn twenty years later (they thought we wouldn't notice, but we did) and she and Hank became the most popular Hawk & Dove duo. That's who DC's Titans is bringing to the small screen sometime next year. 

Deadline reports that Alan Ritchson will play Hank Hall, not to be confused more popular American superhero Hank Hill, and Minka Kelly will play Dawn Granger. Both will be recurring roles, and producers are apparently eyeing a Hawk & Dove spinoff somewhere down the road. There's so many of these damn things. I can't keep track. 

Ritchson was in the recent Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies as Raphael (red, two sai), though you may remember him from Smallville, back when Aquaman was allowed to look like this:

Kelly did a bunch of work on Charlie's Angels (2011), Almost Human and Friday Night Lights, though to me she'll always be Autumn from the last thirty seconds of (500) Days of Summer, the movie with the most depressing and misunderstood ending of all time:

This probably won't be a Teen Titans show since the actors all seem to be somewhere around 30 (minius the one 13-year-old they cast as Raven), but whatever it is, I hope it's as bright and colourful as the characters it's based on. 

Titans premieres on DC's new streaming platform. Watch out for my video recaps when I launch my own streaming platform shortly thereafter.