The BMD Week That Was: IT, STAR WARS And James Bond

Shining a light on all those hard to reach stories.

What a crazy week. Let’s start off with IT. Along with Meredith’s glowing review, we also learned who will write the film’s second installment, and took a look at THAT infamous scene from the book. On top of that, we also had an article about Stephen King’s philanthropy work and Jacob Knight revisited the great (c’mon, it’s great) Silver Bullet. And then Siddhant showed up and told everyone about India's crazy IT adaptation, WOH.

Another big topic this week was Colin Tomorrorrowow’s exit from Star Wars: Episode IX. At the risk of offending all you Book of Henry fans out there, this was good news, and Phil put together a list of directors who would make good replacements.

And then there’s Twin Peaks. Are hearts are heavy with the loss of this show that has given us so much this summer. Jacob wrote a stellar review of the last two episodes, but that wasn’t enough. Our whole crew chimed in for this piece on what the show meant for us. Meanwhile, Kyle MacLachlan himself admitted he didn’t quite know what the ending meant.

Finally, we come to James Bond. Phil wrote a typically great Bond After Dark entry. There was some speculation on what the next film would be about. And then news broke that some unlikely players are trying to break into the Bond game. It was a very exciting week for Phil.

A lot of interesting films got attention this week as well. I wrote about Steve Martin’s underseen The Lonely Guy. Jacob reviewed Crown Heights and took a gander at Close Encounters of the Third Kind for its 40th anniversary. We also has this wonderful article about Friday Night Lights (okay, that’s not a film) and Texas in general.

Savage Stack looked at the amazing The Paperboy, Collins’ Crypt discussed Dean Koontz’s novelization of Funhouse, Say Something Nice took a generous swing at Dreamcatcher (it was a very Stephen King-themed week) and Broad City gave it up for Winona Ryder.