Georgie From IT Went To See IT Dressed As Georgie From IT

In which the Alamo Drafthouse welcomes a very special guest to its Phoenix location.

As you've almost certainly heard by now, Andy Muschietti's IT dominated at the box office this weekend, raking in roughly $120M and selling out shows all over the country (and, indeed, the world).

The Alamo Drafthouse, meanwhile, celebrated the film's arrival in style with a series of "Clown Party" screenings (you can see a ton of photos from the Austin "Clown" screenings right here), but the Drafthouse's Phoenix location may have won the weekend in terms of Best IT Screening: they got Georgie himself (Jackson Robert Scott) in person and in costume. They even hooked him up with a newspaper boat!

As seen on the Alamo Drafthouse Phoenix's Instagram account...

And here's another shot...

The Alamo Drafthouse and the entire Birth.Movies.Death. team salutes Jackson Robert Scott for being such a trooper, and would like to congratulate him on being such a memorable part of an outstanding new horror classic. We're looking forward to seeing him in Muschietti's Locke & Key (headed to Hulu sometime next year), and hope that he'll avoid all storm drains going forward.