New CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM Trailer Reaches Peak Larry David

"Well, you're allowed to be happy, but not in front of me."

Last night, HBO dropped a brand-new trailer for the ninth (!!!) season of Curb Your Enthusiasm, and we are pleased to report that it finds Larry David operating in peak Larry David mode: yoo-hoo'ing a judge, assaulting an overzealous perfume retailer, telling an adorable young couple they aren't allowed to be happy in front of him. 

We do not traffic in emojis here at Birth.Movies.Death., but if we did, this is where I'd unleash a string of those heart-eye emoji faces.

We still don't know much about Curb's overall plot this season, but co-star Jeff Garlin's been quoted as saying this year's storyline is "kind of crazy", and Digital Trends reported back in August that the premiere would revolve around Larry getting scammed by an online dating site. Perhaps that's why Larry appears to have reached peak crankiness in this footage.

We're hyped about Curb Your Enthusiasm's return and will be watching when it hits HBO on October 1st. How 'bout you folks? You ready for 10 episodes' worth of pure, uncut misanthropy?