Teaser For FIFTY SHADES FREED Invites You To 2018’s Kinkiest Wedding

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I’m gonna admit something to you guys real quick: I like the Fifty Shades movies. Yes, I know – they’re a dilution of the real kink, basically “mommy porn” (or whatever condescending title you want to label them), and essentially lacking any sort of true dramatic stakes, but they’re gorgeous to look at, and Dakota Johnson’s performance as Anastasia Steele is a marvel of an actress doing a whole lot without being given much material to work with. Sue me, they’re my stories, and I’m gonna keep watching them.

Thankfully, the teaser for the climactic chapter in EL James’ romantic trilogy, Fifty Shades Freed, has dropped, promising a longer spot in November.

Take a look:

There’s not a whole lot new from what was included in the stinger at the end of Fifty Shades Darker, but it looks like more of the same for melodrama addicts like myself. Hard bodies, white sand, blue seas, fast jets, cool cars, and some undercooked intrigue all await us on Valentine’s Day next year, along with the marriage of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele. There’s also some weird stalker stuff, but who cares about any of that. I’m here for the love, in all its odd forms.

Fifty Shades Freed drops February 8, 2018.