Hail To The King: SUFFER THE LITTLE CHILDREN Film Coming Soon

The first in what will probably be an onslaught of adaptations.

In the wake of IT’s ginormous success, we should probably expect a revival of interest in Stephen King’s work that will rival the boom that happened in the 80s (or even the “Dollar Baby” shorts). Expect remakes, re-imaginings, reboots, and rights disputes over even his most minor works of pulp horror fiction. It’s going to be a cash-in that will cause Italian filmmakers from the 70s to blush.

Suffer the Little Children is one such minor piece of short fiction, which was first published in ‘72 in Cavalier magazine before being reprinted two decades later in the Nightmares & Dreamscapes collection from ’93. Centered around a young schoolteacher whose students begin to “change” before her eyes, its one of King’s more ruthless shorts, which the author himself has gone on record as stating it possesses “no redeeming social value.”

Naturally, it’ll be the first in what will probably prove to be a long line of greenlit adaptations. Sean Carter (who just helmed the upcoming home invasion thriller Keep Watching with Bella Thorn) will write and direct for Voltage Pictures and Das Films. If they let the text play out as it does on the page, at least it’ll piss a bunch of people off.

I, for one, welcome this new wave of Stephen King cinema, as it certainly can’t produce anything worse than the Tommyknockers miniseries with Jimmy Smits, right?