Here’s One Last Chance To Pick Up Your Copy Of BMD’s Stephen King Issue

You really don't want to miss this one.

Tickets to see IT at the Alamo Drafthouse can and should be purchased right here. Just make sure you don't talk during the movie.

If you already ordered your copy of Birth.Movies.Death. magazine's Stephen King issue, be aware that the good folks at Mondo are shipping those out even as we speak! To everyone who has yet to order their copy...what are you waiting for? 

This is officially your last chance to pick up your very own copy of what I personally consider to be the best magazine we've ever put together. Filled with amazing exclusive artwork, interviews, essays and deep dives from some of your favorite BMD contributors and veterans, this issue should be considered mandatory reading for all Stephen King enthusiasts (and knowing the BMD crowd, that's most of you).

Head on over to this page to place your order with Mondo! And hey: if you've already ordered and received your copy, don't be shy about sharing images with us in the comments below!

One last time: tickets to see IT at the Alamo Drafthouse are available right here!