The STAR TREK: DISCOVERY Theme Sounds…Pretty Good!

An interesting mix of new and old.

It’s folly to prejudge a new show just from hearing its theme song ahead of time, but Star Trek is kind of a different beast, thanks to its long history of iconic theme songs (er, not looking at you Enterprise). For Star Trek: Discovery, which I am waiting for with somewhat critical anticipation, a good theme song can only help so much. But a bad theme song can be a horrible omen.

Luckily, this video featuring Jeff Russo’s new theme shows they at least got this part right:

(Apologies to our overseas readers who may not be able to see this video.)

There’s a bit of “hey, stop talking to I can hear this” going on, but you more or less get the idea. The theme cheats a little by appealing to nostalgia in the beginning and definitely the end, but I like where it goes once it starts being its own thing and greatly appreciate that they went with slow and wondrous rather than propulsive and action-heavy, which is honestly how the show is looking so far.

What do you guys think? Like it or not, this is now part of Star Trek history. Does it deserve its place or not?