Nate Corddry Joins Hulu’s LOCKE AND KEY Adaptation

Meet Duncan Locke.

While the rest of the world eagerly awaits the next Avengers movie or whatever the hell The Batman is going to be, I'm over here frothing at the mouth over a different kind of comic book adaptation: Hulu's Locke & Key, based on the IDW series of the same name by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez. It's an incredible series, packed with sharp characters, weird mythology, and a satisfying blend of horror, heart and humor.

Dark Horizons describes the series thusly:

"The story revolves around three siblings who, after the gruesome murder of their father, move to their ancestral home in Maine to find their house has magical keys which a demon will stop at nothing to obtain."

A few years ago, the property came very close to becoming a series on FOX (the pilot was shot, but went no further), and now it's being revived via the good folks at Hulu, alongside producers Carlton Cuse and Andy Muschietti (who's also onboard to direct the pilot). 

We already knew Jackson Robert Scott (IT) and Francis O'Connor (The Mist) had joined the cast, but now Deadline's reporting that Nate Corddry (Mom, The Circle) has climbed aboard the project as well, in the role of Duncan Locke, uncle to the show's three main characters and brother to their murdered father. Duncan's a great character with a few secrets of his own, and Corddry's an excellent pick for the role.

We're really excited about how Locke & Key's coming together. Stay tuned for much more on this as we get ever closer to the pilot's arrival.