Trailer For Fantastic Fest Selection KING COHEN Profiles A Genre Legend

The old school NYC maverick shares his exploitation war stories.

Larry Cohen is a genius. The genre filmmaker minted several subversive genre classics in Q: The Winged Serpent, The Stuff, It’s Alive and Perfect Strangers. His slices of cinema carry a voice all their own, and double as beautiful documents regarding a pre-gentrification NYC. So, it’s great that we’re getting a documentary running down his contributions to filmic history.

An official selection for Fantastic Fest, King Cohen is directed by Steve Mitchell, and showcases interviews from Cohen himself, as well as old school luminaries such as Robert Forster and Joe Dante, as well as current stars like JJ Abrams.

First up, the trailer:

And here's the just-released poster...

King Cohen plays Fantastic Fest next week, and (as life-long Cohen freaks), you better believe we’re going to be in the front row. See you there.