Trailer For OUR SOULS AT NIGHT Promises Hot Redford Who’s Still Got It™

Take off your shirt, Butch Cassidy Sr.

It’s pretty clear who Our Souls at Night is for (my mom), but any movie that promises to deliver Hot Redford Who May Still Fuck© should be on anyone’s radar, to be honest.

Ritesh Batra’s romance pairs Redford and Jane Fonda together in what looks to be a sort of geriatric take on All That Heaven Allows (’55), Douglas Sirk’s masterful “woman’s weepie” that found a widow (Jane Wyman) falling for her hunky younger gardener (Rock Hudson). Only here, the whole town is talking about two folks finding each other during their twilight years, which could be a playful spin on the material.

Check out the trailer below:

Jokes aside, this looks pleasant enough, and sports quite the colorful supporting cast (including Matthias Schoenaerts, Bruce Dern, and Judy Greer), and will be a cute re-pairing of Redford and Fonda (who have done great work together before in The Electric Horseman [‘79] and Barefoot in the Park [‘67]). Our Souls at Night premieres on Neflix September 29. Call your mom. Maybe make her dinner and watch it with her, too.