WONDER WOMAN Co-Writer to Pen ROBOTECH Adaptation for Andy Muschietti

Giant robots and aliens from the dude who brought us Dat Boi!

Andy Muschietti’s steadily filling plate is becoming more and more fascinating. Of course, there’s IT: Chapter Two (which will take high priority following the first’s ongoing massive success), and the upcoming pilot for Hulu’s Joe Hill adaptation of Locke & Key (keeping Muschietti in the King Family biz). After that, there’s Robotech, based on the US/Japan co-produced animated series.

Coming aboard to pen the new script is none other than former Zack Snyder collaborator Jason Fuchs, who helped write the story for Wonder Woman with the DCEU superstar. The movie will reportedly revolve around an era when Earth’s developed giant robots from the technology of an alien spacecraft that crashed on a South Pacific island. The residents of the third planet from the sun are now using that converted tech to fight off an impending alien invasion. Basically, its Pacific Rim before Pacific Rim.

High-tech robots smashing and blasting things are always going to be welcome on the big screen, and Muschietti’s astute visual style should go along well with the material. It’s going to be a treat watching him develop into a premiere tent pole director with fare like this.