Dave Bautista Kicks Much Ass In New BLADE RUNNER 2049 Short

He also reveals himself to be a reader.

A week or two ago, we got a brand-new Luke Scott short film based on one of the characters in Denis Villeneuve's forthcoming Blade Runner 2049. Titled "Nexus Dawn", the clip centered around Jared Leto's Niander Wallace, was intriguing and well-shot...but it also starred Jared Leto, which meant that a fair number of people decided to dig in their heels about giving it a chance. 

Oh, well! Here's hoping they're more welcoming of Scott's latest Blade Runner 2049 short film, "Nowhere To Run", which stars noted badass (and frequent MVP of everything he appears in) Dave Bautista.


So, here we have Sapper (Bautista), trying to make his way in the world in the Year Of Our Lord 2048. We're not entirely clear on everything that's happening here (for instance: what's up with those worms Sapper's selling?), but we do know it's always a pleasure to see Bautista stomp some bad-guy ass. There's not as much to chew on here as there was in the last of Scott's 2049 shorts, but still: we're beyond hyped for this movie and will happily look at everything Warner Bros. puts together for it.

We've got one more of these headed our way, and then Blade Runner 2049 arrives on October 8th. Hype levels remain strong amongst the BMD staff. Stay tuned.