DEADPOOL Director Tim Miller To Helm TERMINATOR Reboot For James Cameron

James Cameron's back on his bullshit...again.

While he’d been rumored for months (dating all the way back to January), Tim Miller (Deadpool) is now officially directing the upcoming Terminator reboot for producer James Cameron. This revitalization of the franchise comes due to its rights reverting back to Cameron in 2019.

This new revamp of The Terminator will see Arnold return to the titular role of the unkillable buff murder bot from the future, though Cameron wants it to narratively omit anything after T2 from the series canon. This is probably for the best, as Salvation and Genisys are embarrassing nightmares.

The confirmation comes courtesy of an invite to a special 3D screening of Judgment Day, which will feature a conversation between Miller and Cameron before the movie begins. This special event will occur September 19, 2017 at the Paramount Theater in LA.

Outside of wanting to work with Cameron and being promised a dumptruck of money, its difficult to decipher exactly why Miller would want to direct the sixth entry in a franchise that’s seen its best days twenty-five years ago. The massive success of Deadpool practically guaranteed he could helm any project he wants, so hopefully he’s got something special up his sleeve to make us love The Terminator all over again.