Second Trailer For THE FOREIGNER Continues To Sell A Rogue Jackie Chan

In which Jackie gets his own dad action movie.

While not nearly as exciting as the first spot for Martin Campbell’s upcoming Jackie Chan movie, The Foreigner, the second trailer for the still admittedly awesome-looking movie packs one hell of a visceral thrill.

Take a look:

Adapted from Stephen Leather’s novel The Chinaman (not the preferred nomenclature, dude), the continued selling point of this picture is a solemn, murderous Jackie Chan, taking on seemingly the entirety of the UK after losing his daughter to a terrorist attack. There are hints of First Blood and every Mel Gibson movie ever made thrown in for good measure, as Chan gets stone-faced, and Pierce Brosnan screams a whole lot with a thick brogue. Seeing Campbell (Goldeneye) return to full international action mode is delightful, and Cliff Martinez is probably going to be the secret weapon, having delivered the movie’s score.

We’ll find out on October 13, when Chan goes HAM on the globe.