Alicia Vikander Is Part-Giraffe In New TOMB RAIDER Poster

No wonder she can always see new threats coming.

I’m definitely open to seeing this Tomb Raider reboot MGM is putting together. It’s not a franchise I’m all that into - I don’t recall liking the Angelina Jolie films, for instance - but I do really enjoy the game this one has apparently taken aesthetic inspiration from, and hey, a good action-adventure movie is a good action adventure movie.

But so far, they’re not doing it for me with the promo stuff. Case in point, this new poster for the film:

Alicia Vikander looks fine in the role and the bandage on her arm indicates she’ll get put through the ringer, which is definitely in keeping with the game. But I believe there are shenanigans going on with her super long neck. The more you look at it, the more disturbing it gets. Just keep staring at it.

But hey! The games aren’t about realism either. And if this new Lara Croft is to be a giraffe lady, so be it. Tomb Raider comes out March 16, 2018. Expect a full trailer tomorrow.