Bruv!: Joe Cornish Making YA Fantasy Adventure With Sir Patrick Stewart

Cornish's first film since 2011 sounds like EXCALIBUR JR.

It feels like forever and a day since Joe Cornish directed a feature film. Of course, there have been notable setbacks since he brought us Attack the Block in 2011 – most notably the Ant-Man and Star Trek Beyond debacles (the man should really just steer clear of franchises entirely).

But now, Cornish is finally making his triumphant return to the big screen with The Kid Who Would Be King – a family-friendly action/adventure picture revolving around a band of youths who embark on an epic journey to take down Morgana, the half-sister of King Arthur.

The movie will star Louis Serkis, son of motion capture genius Andy Serkis, who will be joined by Tom Taylor (The Dark Tower) Rhianna Dorris (Secret Life of Boys), Angus Imrie (Kingdom) and newcomer Dean Chaumoo. Serkis will play Alex, a British boy who stumbles upon the famous sword Excalibur, while Taylor will play his mate Lance (you know, like “Lancelot”). Imrie would play a sort of Merlin Jr., rounding out this JV Round Table.

But the coolest news is that Sir Patrick Stewart has entered negotiations to play Merlin Sr., and Rebecca Ferguson (Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation) may play Morgana. This is one hell of a cast for Cornish’s first feature in nearly seven years, and we hope he really makes something special out of it, just like he did with those big alien gorilla wolf motherfuckers.