Try Not To Freak Out But Linda Hamilton Will Be In The Next TERMINATOR Movie

Can’t tell whether to eye-roll or fist-bump.

I’m sorry but we really have to accept that this new Terminator movie is happening now. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Linda Hamilton is coming back, presumably to play Sarah Conner, but who knows with this shit.

So let’s rack up what’s going on so far, since this is no longer a fake thing. James Cameron will produce, and the story is based on something that came out of his noggin. It will be directed by Deadpool’s Tim Miller. They (ugh) want it to be a new trilogy. Arnold is coming back.

But story-wise, what could this possibly be? This screwed up franchise has used up pretty much all the narrative cards one would think it had. I’m not saying it’s going to be good or anything, but with Hamilton coming back, I have to assume the angle is something none of us have predicted. But before you get too excited, David Goyer is going to be involved in the writing.

So Jamie Lee Curtis is returning to Halloween and Linda Hamilton will be in another Terminator. All that’s left is for Sigourney Weaver to be in Ridley Scott’s next Alien vs God movie.