THE DEUCE Gets a Second Season!

Bring us all of your pornographic history until the end of time.

We’re only two installments into The Deuce – David Simon and George Pelecanos’ chronicle of pornography’s mercurial rise in NYC during the 70s – but we here at BMD are already big, big fans (just check out my reviews of the Pilot and “Show and Prove”). So, needless to say, we’re stoked to hear that the HBO series is already getting a second season order.

Speaking only for myself, this era of cinematic history is so rich with stories you could tell that I could honestly see The Deuce becoming a sort of cum-stained companion piece to Mad Men. The United States (and New York itself) went through such incredible, distressing growth during the 70s, and there are so many sociological topics Simon and Pelecanos could cover. When coupled with the rise of the New Hollywood era (and its disreputable exploitation cousin, which cross-bred with that generation), the series could be used as a teaching tool for younger viewers unfamiliar with the epoch. Now, let’s get Bill Lustig to come in and helm an episode or two.

Catch a new episode of Deuce every Sunday on HBO.