WONDERSTRUCK Trailer: Todd Haynes Delivers Joy Instead Of Sadness, For Once

Ground Control to Major Yawn.

OK, so that headline’s a touch misleading. All of Todd Haynes’ movies are joyous slices of cinema for one reason or another (yes, yes, I get it Film Twitter: Carol is a masterpiece, blah, blah, blah, blah). But if this trailer is any indication, Wonderstruck really seems to take its title literally, right down to the ostentatious Bowie needle drop.

Take a look:

Adapted from Brian Selznick’s (The Invention of Hugo Cabret) YA novel of the same name, Wonderstruck weaves parallel stories about a pair of deaf children separated by time. Ben (Oakes Fegley from Pete’s Dragon) lives in 1977 and recently lost his mom (Michelle Williams) in a car accident, and Rose (Millicent Simmonds) is butting heads with an overbearing dad (James Urbaniak) in 1927. Both arrive in New York City trying to track down adults they idolize. Ben’s searching for his missing father; Rose is looking for a movie star she idolizes (Julianne Moore). In case the whimsy overload contained in that description isn’t enough for you, Haynes shot one segment in B&W, the other in glorious color.

In twenty years, this will probably be the movie people bring up when debating Haynes’ filmography, much like they do with Martin Scorsese and Hugo. “And it showed he could make kids’ movies too!”

I’m sure Wonderstruck will be just fine when Amazon releases it October 20.