Lord & Miller Set ARTEMIS As First Post-HAN SOLO Project

The JUMP STREET boys to tackle slackers in space.

Following their unfortunate dismissal on the upcoming Han Solo spin-off in Disney’s Star Wars universe, and subsequent replacement by Ron Howard (see BMD’s thoughts on that debacle here), Phil Lord and Chris Miller have signed on to adapt the upcoming sci-fi novel, Atermis (which is set to be published by Crown on November 17).

Written by Andy Weir (The Martian), Artemis is unfortunately not an It’s Always Sunny spin-off focusing on the origins of that loud, stoner side character, but is instead set in the titular town – the only city on the moon. It follows Jazz, a down on her luck woman who finds herself thrown into a conspiracy for control of her outer space municipality.

To be honest, that sounds perfect for Lord & Miller, as one could see the 21 Jump Street and LEGO Movie goofballs easily applying their irreverent style to this bizarre-sounding tale of interstellar deadbeat intrigue. No word on who will write the 20th Century Fox production, but we suspect the duo would take a crack at those duties as well.