Trailer for ANNIHILATION Gives Us Alex Garland’s Blasted Aftermath

Alex Garland's bringing the creature feature weirdness with Natalie Portman.

Alex Garland’s Ex Machina is a wonder – a single location sci-fi picture whose stellar SFX were utilized to accent the big character moments and ideas instead of creating pure spectacle. Now, we’re getting Annihilation, a follow up that continues his heady genre fascinations.

Based on Jeff VanderMeer’s eponymous novel (the first in the author's Southern Reach trilogy), Annihilation follows a scientist (Natalie Portman) leading a taskforce into the aftermath of an environmental disaster, uncovering the strange creature that caused it while attempting to rescue her husband (Oscar Isaac).

Take a look at the first trailer here:

This looks incredible. Garland is one of the premiere talents coming up in genre cinema today, and watching him work with Portman and Isaac (while delivering a play on the creature feature) is going to be fascinating. Looks like we’ve got another reason live, at least until February 23,2018.