WACO Trailer Showcases Sexy David Koresh

This deadly cult leader can get it.

Taylor Kitsch is hot. Like, physically smoking.

So, its kind of odd, but also sort of genius to cast the young Friday Night Lights hunk as David Koresh – the leader of Waco, Texas’ Branch Davidian cult, which met a fiery end after a fifty-one day standoff with the FBI in ’93. Though the words “enigmatic” and “charismatic” are usually used to describe these sorts of apocalyptic leaders in the wake of their deaths, making him bodacious (even with a mullet and wire-rim glasses) sells us on the attraction to following these sorts of madmen into hell. In short, if Tim Riggins lets me caress his biceps, I might be cool going down in a hail of gunfire while singing his praises (but that’s just me).

The trailer for the new Paramount six-part event series has dropped, and shows off Kitsch’s performance, which apparently involved four months of research and dropping thirty pounds to achieve this likeness.

Check it out:

Co-starring Michael Shannon (as FBI Investigator Gary Noesener) and John Leguizamo, the series is set to premiere on the Paramount Network (which is the weird re-branding of Spike TV, talk amongst yourselves on that one, too) in January. We’re gonna make fun of it now, but watch Waco turn into the next OJ Show