BBC’s Producing A DUBLIN MURDER SQUAD Miniseries


This news is a few days old, but Fantastic Fest has completely occupied our brains and I wanted the chance to give it its proper due: 

The BBC is making an eight-part program based on Tana French's brilliant Dublin Murder Squad series! I wrote about Dublin Murder Squad back in July, and I maintain that it's the great crime series of our time. It's got an interesting format: every book has a different protagonist, related to the previous book's protagonist: a detective, his partner, her supervisor, his daughter, etc. Presumably the adaptation will do the same. The series covers the first two books in Dublin Murder Squad - In The Woods and The Likeness - and will hopefully be successful enough to lead to adaptations of the later entries in the series, because it only gets better as it moves into its fourth, fifth and sixth books.

The BBC series will be led by Sarah Phelps, a great choice who's previously adapted Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None and JK Rowling's The Casual Vacancy

"Sarah has brought Tana’s haunting stories to life with depth, flair and a deft touch of the modern gothic," said Piers Wenger, controller of BBC drama, who commission the series alongside BBC director of content Charlotte Moore. "More psychological thriller than police procedural, expect them to become a huge talking point on BBC One.”

Dublin Murder Squad begins filming next year on location in Belfast and Dublin, and we should expect casting announcements pretty soon. Throw your suggestions in the comments!