THE NICE GUYS Become THE NICE GIRLS In Gender Flipped TV Series

Say goodbye to Holland March and Jackson Healy. Say hello to Holly Parch and Jackie Feely.

Just like Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, 2016’s The Nice Guys is going to become another Shane Black joint that everybody loves, but not enough people saw in the theaters (though its $60 million at the box office is certainly an improvement). Jackson Healy (Russell Crowe) and Holland March (Ryan Gosling) are another iconic pairing of investigators in the writer/director’s filmography, and their journey through 70s LA is hilarious, while still ending on a perfect pitch black film noir note.

But Joel Silver isn’t done with The Nice Guys, only now it won’t be Healy and March, but rather two women PIs teaming up to solve crimes in a new Fox television series, The Nice Girls. What’s disheartening (though not unexpected, as he’s not a TV writer) is that Shane Black isn’t penning the pilot. Instead, it’s Michael Diliberti (30 Minutes Or Less) who’s scribbling down funny words for these lady dicks to spit.

It’s difficult to get too invested in this news for a few reasons – first off: personally speaking, I’d just like to see March and Healy boozing it up while they take on another sordid case. Secondly, Silver has done this before with a Black property (he Executive Produces the Lethal Weapon series for Fox), and that’s straight up trash. Still, if they can approximate the mix of dark and goofy humor that made The Nice Guys so special (without the R-rating, of course), I’d still probably give this a shot for a few episodes.